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Effective Networking For Wellness Professionals

Sep 25, 2018 | General | 0 comments

Community is one of the strongest assets for any Wellness Professional and business owner. But how do you build a tribe, not just in the digital world, but also in the real world? Here are some key elements to ensure success that we learned from Holly Martziel of Mind Well Marketing.

Part 1: Creating Community In-Person

1. Networking Effectively

To build a community, it is essential to draw in both peers, clients, and prospects. One of the ways to connect with people is to attend and participate in Networking or Industry Events. The goal in attending these events is to make personal connections. You never know where your next referral will come from. Sites like Eventbrite, Natural Awakenings Boston, and Soul Being, regularly list Health and Wellness Events in New England. Prior to attending any event, make sure to fine tune your elevator pitch. This is often overlooked in its importance. But it is one of the most important tools for creating awareness and connecting with any audience. According to Alejandro Cremades, the visionary behind Onevest, there are 9 key components of an Effective Elevator Pitch:

  • An elevator pitch is simply a quick introduction to your business
  • It’s around 30 seconds long
  • It sparks interest and response
  • It’s clear
  • It’s authoritative
  • It is about them (your customers), not you
  • It highlights your value and what problem you are solving
  • It introduces your uniqueness
  • It’s relatable

And once the conversation gets going, get to the point right off the bat. Many waste precious minutes or more time, entangled with people that will not yield any fruitful connection. Take the lead by asking probing, direct questions such as:

  • “How can I help you?”
  • “Who are you looking to connect with?”
  • “What’s your biggest challenge in your business?”
  • “What’s going on with your business that you are most proud of?”

2. Create Collaborations & Partnerships

The very essence of community is that it takes more than one to get the job done. So, why not innovate your way through potential competition by instead collaborating with your peers. If there is a shared mission and cause, more often than not, these are business you can work with and not against. And they may not always be in your exact industry. Some great examples of this are Red Bull & Go Pro or Uber & Spotify. To seal the deal clearly define and execute the following:

  • What are your goals?
  • Identify potential organizations that align with you
  • Make a written agreement
  • Develop content and run a campaign
  • Measure your successes and failures

3. Referrals – Ask for them and give them often. You are an ambassador for all wellness professionals. Recognize when there may be a therapy or other practitioner that may be a better fit for your client. Acknowledge that different therapies work in conjunction with one another for the whole health of a client. If you’re not having success with someone, encourage them to explore alternatives. Get them the help they need, even if that is not with you. You will gain a fan for life and the person’s respect.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Your Digital Community Connection.

For more ideas on how to run a stronger business while focusing on your clients, join our community and start collaborating with your peers today!

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