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SoulBeing Expands Digital Health and Wellness Platform Powered by OnCall Health

Nov 30, 2020 | General | 0 comments

TORONTO – November 19, 2020 – OnCall Health today announced that it has partnered with SoulBeing to deploy its premium virtual care and patient management platform and expand SoulBeing’s digital health and wellness offering with new telehealth capabilities. The new SoulBeing platform delivers on-demand access to local and national services across the spectrum of physical, mental, and holistic health. It also features OnCall Health’s new insurance eligibility functionality to help make preventative health and wellness more financially accessible for patients and employers.

SoulBeing is a preventative health technology company providing a digital health and wellness platform that brings together over 40 different services that are Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible. The company works with corporate clients that leverage SoulBeing’s solution to enhance key health and wellness benefits for their employees. Its platform serves as the gateway for easy access to both alternative care and traditional medicine through SoulBeing’s network of vetted health service practitioners coupled with a supportive user community. 

When SoulBeing’s strategy to adopt telehealth was accelerated by the pandemic, the company chose to work with OnCall Health. “While virtual care has always been on SoulBeing’s roadmap, the pandemic reinforced just how important a role it will play in preventative healthcare and wellness in the future,” says Dr. Bill Lewis, senior advisor at SoulBeing and Chair of the American Telemedicine Association and Urgent Care Association of America. “SoulBeing’s virtual care platform offers a patient-centric experience and reimagines the delivery of services across every facet of health – mind, body, spirit, and soul – from one intuitive platform. It puts control of the patient’s health in their own hands through access to holistic health services and education about the wide range of approaches available.”

Virtual care and patient management with brand control

OnCall Health’s premium virtual care and patient management platform has everything healthcare enterprises – including healthcare systems, brands, and provider networks – need to incorporate virtual care into their operations and automate patient management, including the ability to maintain complete brand control. It helps healthcare enterprises manage their virtual care operations at scale through secure video, instant messaging, digital forms and assessments, and analytics – on any device or web browser. OnCall Health also automates administrative work like scheduling, appointment reminders, intake forms, and payment processing as well as automating appointment scheduling through its online patient self-scheduling tool. It meets HIPAA patient privacy compliance standards, and 256-bit E2E encryption. 

“SoulBeing is built on the pillars of access, education, transparency, and integration. OnCall Health quickly helped us incorporate virtual care in ways that align with these pillars while providing us full control of our brand. We appreciate the flexibility and adaptability that the OnCall Health team built into our platform to provide an end-to-end virtual care solution,” says Colleen Kavanagh, CEO of SoulBeing. 

“With OnCall Health, in addition to in-person and onsite visits, we can now also safely connect patients to our network of holistic health service providers via secure video appointments. We can also make business decisions and showcase how we are trending towards corporate metrics with custom reporting – all in compliance with HIPAA. New scheduling and payment processing capabilities are also extremely important to both corporate clients and end users,” Kavanagh explains.

New insurance eligibility feature

SoulBeing’s virtual care platform incorporates a new feature from OnCall Health for insurance management. “This insurance eligibility feature allows for verification and full integration of insurance coverage to help reduce the cost of services to the user,” adds Kavanagh.  

“Health service providers like those in the SoulBeing network can now use one system to easily verify insurance eligibility and manage all aspects of their virtual care practice. This will finally eliminate the need for providers to “swivel chair” and use multiple systems,” says Nicholas Chepesiuk, CEO of OnCall Health. “By embracing the advanced features of our premium virtual care platform, SoulBeing is providing a whole new way to look at preventative healthcare and wellness benefits.”

More information about OnCall Health’s premium virtual care platform can be found at: 

About OnCall Health

Founded in 2016, OnCall Health is a market leader in virtual care, providing healthcare brands, networks and enterprises a fully integrated and branded virtual care solution, powering over one million virtual healthcare appointments each year. Thousands of healthcare enterprises and practice owners trust OnCall Health to expand and improve access to their services, while maintaining brand control for a seamless patient experience. OnCall Health’s virtual care & patient management platform enhances the patient experience, protects privacy, and enables healthcare organizations to scale virtual care efficiently and track the utilization and outcomes of their virtual care programs. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information please visit 

About SoulBeing 

Founded in 2017, SoulBeing is revolutionizing healthcare by building a patient-centric experience and reimagining an infrastructure that incorporates every facet of health and wellness into one intuitive platform – empowering preventative health.  Corporations leverage SoulBeing’s solution to enhance key health and wellness benefits for their employees.  The Platform serves as the gateway for easy access to both alternative care and traditional medicine.  With over 500 healthcare organizations and wellness practitioners on its platform, and more than 10,000 users, SoulBeing is supporting an active and growing marketplace for preventative health. For more information please visit  


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