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The Answer to this Month’s BIG Questions – Newsletter: May 2022

May 23, 2022 | Blog, Newsletter | 0 comments

May has been full of conferences, and we are energized by the renewed connection with a community hungry for new solutions to support their people in innovative and holistic ways. Being able to share our story face to face after so much remote work has been incredibly rewarding and powerful for our team.

I have been moved to tears more than once because of the stories people have so generously shared with us. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone has a story related to the impact that alternative medicine has made in their lives or in the lives of a loved one. Not once have I had to “sell” the fact that these services are evidence-based and effective. Folks nod politely as we talk about alternative medicine now being mainstream, and I smile wildly because I know we can dive right into the juicy stuff.

The problem that still remains is around the lack of infrastructure to support integrating these services into our current healthcare system. I routinely ask business leaders:

“How are your people finding quality care for these services?”

Their answers are the ones we’ve heard so often: 

“I don’t really know.” 

“I guess through word of mouth.” 

“Probably Google?”

Over the past few years, mental health has gotten all the buzz in the month of May, and rightfully so. This issue has been, and continues to be, top of mind for many of us as we navigate so many transitions. So another question I ask: 

“Today in mental and behavioral health, how are your teams determining a provider’s availability to schedule a visit?”

This one elicits eye rolls. 

“Trial and error.” 

“They call around until they get frustrated and give up.”

These pain points are real, and they are really painful for people. They are asking their employers for help. These are the exact issues that we at SoulBeing are solving for. So here are some questions to which SoulBeing could be the answer:

“How do we make it easy for primary care physicians to refer a patient to these services as the first line of defense for their patient’s health?” SoulBeing. “How are your people finding quality care for alternative medicine services?” SoulBeing. “Today in mental and behavioral health, how are your teams determining a provider’s availability to schedule a visit?” SoulBeing. “What is the most impactful investment you’ve made this year toward employee health and wellbeing?” SoulBeing.

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