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Why A 30 Minute Workout is Effective

Dec 18, 2018 | General | 0 comments

If you are like most in society today, you are way too busy. Whether it is with work, school, children or just life in general. Do you often use the excuse “I do not have time”? If this is you, the last thing on your mind is usually taking care of yourself and your overall health. 
 What if I were to tell you that all you need is 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes! 30 minutes of exercise a day will not only help you burn calories, build muscle, but will allow you to burn calories for up to 24-36 hours even after leaving TruFit30. During a 30-minute TruFit30 workout, you will try new exercises daily, be monitored by a certified trainer, burn a lot of calories, and because of the high-intensity workout, you will continue to burn calories throughout the day as your body replaces energy and repairs damaged muscle proteins.

The type of workouts TruFit30 provides is beginning to change the way people workout. Research shows that 30-minute workouts are more effective than a 60-minute workout. Not only is the research showing that this is accurate but the results are confirming the research. A study from the American Journal of Physiology shows that men who exercised 30 minutes a day lost an average of 2 pounds of body fat and burned more calories than those who worked out for an hour.

TruFit30 workouts consist of high-intensity interval training also known as HIIT, but also provide strength and weightlifting exercises. HIIT is the most common type of 30-minute workout. HIIT is a type of exercise where you are employing your maximum effort in bursts of quick and intense exercises. After each burst, you will spend a short amount of time to recover. The goal of intervals is to increase your heart rate than maintain it at that high percentage throughout the TruFit30 workout. In return, if you can maintain this heart rate, you will burn more fat and calories in less time.

The human body burns calories at an average rate of 5 calories per liter of oxygen consumed. In general, using exercise to increase the oxygen demands on your body will increase total caloric expenditure both during and after the workout. During a normal 60-minute workout, you are going to try maintaining a moderate heart rate to be able to complete and finish the entire workout. This means your oxygen demand will not be increasing. So once the workout is completed you will be done burning calories. Your body will not be able to maintain such a high heart rate for 60-90 minutes; this is why 30-minute workouts are so beneficial.

Another great reason to try a TruFit30 workout is that, during a workout, you are not only improving your cardiovascular health and endurance, you are also improving your strength through various exercises. The goal of a TruFit30 workout is to create a full-body workout, which includes all the major muscle groups to strengthen your body. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will be burned during a workout. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same amount, though the difference between the two is the energy requirement. Muscle is proven to burn more calories than fat since more energy is required. The reasoning behind this is, muscle increases your basal metabolic rate, meaning you will burn a significant number of calories, even while in resting state.
Finally, the belief that working out will only help lose weight, lose body fat, and gain muscle is, in fact, a myth. Working out and staying active with TruFit30 will improve your health in many different ways. The biggest improvement you will see in just 30 minutes is heart health such as blood flow, reduction in stress throughout the day, an enhancement in your overall mood and attitude, an increase energy levels, and finally memory improvement.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon. TruFit30 offers a first FREE workout. Contact us today or visit to schedule your FREE class.
Written by Colt Steele of TruFit30


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